JointRep™ - Injectable Implant

  • JointRep™ is an injectable bioadhesive hydrogel that rapidly solidifies when heated to body temperature. It is applied directly onto cartilage lesions and sticks firmly.
  • JointRep™ is administered in a one-step procedure as part of a standard bone marrow stimulation procedure (microfracture), adding only a few minutes to the operation.
  • The operation can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.
  • JointRep™ provides a scaffold for stem cells released from bone marrow stimulation and protects the resulting clot during the healing phase.
  • JointRep™ is currently not approved for sale in the United States.

JointRepTM is prepared in a few moments in the surgical theater

JointRepTM applied to a cartilage defect of the trochlea following microfracture, with Dr. Peter Behrens [tweet]

Video illustrating the use of JointRepTM following the microfracture procedure

Demo: Mixing JointRep components

Demonstration 1

Demonstration 2

Arthroscopic JointRep™ operation with microfracture

With Dr. Gennaro Pipino, Italy

View from the operation room

Operation screen

Dr. Gennaro Pipino (Bologna, Italy) reports reductions of WOMAC scores of over 90% in a controlled post-market study comparing microfracture + JointRepTM to microfracture alone. The study includes 69 patients from ages 18-72 suffering grade III-IV lesions, with 46 patients in the test group and 23 in the control group, both following the same moderate rehab protocol.