JointRep™ - Injectable Implant

  • JointRep™ is a thermosensitive bioadhesive hydrogel that rapidly solidifies when heated to body temperature. It is applied directly onto cartilage lesions and sticks firmly.
  • JointRep™ is administered in a one-step procedure as part of a standard arthroscopy, adding only a few minutes to the operation.
  • The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is released the same day and allowed total load ambulation with contralateral crutch after 90 minutes.
  • When applied following a microfracture procedure, it provides a scaffold for stem cells released from the bone marrow. It protects the clot during the healing phase and enables a shortened rehabilitation period.
  • JointRep™ can be applied to cartilage lesions of any size or shape in any joint.

JointRepTM is prepared in a few minutes in the surgical theater

JointRepTM rapidly forms a solid hydrogel


  • No technical hurdles: JointRep™ should be stored between 2 and 8°C, but can be transported at ambient temperature.
  • Can be used without planning: preparation time takes only a few minutes, enabling the physician to use it ad-hoc if defects are noticed in the course of a routine arthroscopic inspection or treatment; a study of over 30,000 arthroscopies in the United States has revealed an average of 2.7 defects in 63% of patients1.
  • JointRep™ is currently not licenced for sale in the USA and Canada.

1Cartilage injuries: A review of 31,516 knee arthroscopies. Curl, Walton W. et al., Arthroscopy , Volume 13 , Issue 4 , 456 - 460.

JointRepTM applied to a cartilage defect of the trochlea, with Dr. Peter Behrens

Video illustrating the use of JointRepTM following the microfracture procedure