Demo: Mixing JointRep components

Arthroscopic JointRep™ operation with microfracture

With Dr. Gennaro Pipino, Italy

View from the operation room

Operation screen

Dr. Gennaro Pipino (Bologna, Italy) reports reductions of WOMAC scores of over 90% in a controlled post-market study comparing microfracture + JointRepTM to microfracture alone. The study includes 69 patients from ages 18-72 suffering grade III-IV lesions, with 46 patients in the test group and 23 in the control group, both following the same moderate rehab protocol.

Arthroscopic lavage/debridement operation with JointRep™

With Dr. Nicolas Duval, Canada

Standard Arthroscopic operation (Lavage/debridement)

Preparation and injection of JointRep™ implant

The application of JointRepTM following a standard lavage/debridement operation was tested clinically in three different centers: Duval Orthopedic clinic, Canada (18 patients, mean age 50); Philippe Hardy, Hôpital Ambroise-Paré, France (19 patients, mean age 48); Military Hospital of Athens, Greece (44 patients, mean age 57).

At 6 months, patient reported outcomes showed an improvement of 50.4% of WOMAC score (Canada), 60% of WOMAC score (France), and 29.7, 32.1, 26.5 points on the KOOS pain, symptoms and daily living functions scales respectively (Greece).

More cases

JointRep applied to cartilage lesion of the patella under arthroscopic vision

JointRep™ can be premixed with platelet rich plasma (PRP) while maintaining the product's gelling property.

Video showing the mixing of B1 and B2 first, then the mixing of (B1+B2) with approximately 1 cc of PRP (or less) and finally the mixing of (B1+B2+ PRP) and A giving an injectable gel that solidifies with temperature as does JointRep™ alone.